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Our Statement

Our Statement

 In response to the tragic killing of George Floyd and too many others, REFUGE CHURCH stands against racism. We condemn acts of violence on people of color and all others. We stand in solidarity with the nation against these injustices. 

​Our vision is to build a vibrant, growing, and spiritually mature family of faith through God’s transforming love. This will produce healthy individuals and families and drive positive change in our society for the glory of God. His love compels us to act and act we must!

​Ultimately, we believe change is birthed out of a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our aforementioned vision has limited value if not tested and put into action beyond our local church borders.

​As a result, Refuge Church is forming a team to spearhead our efforts to be part of the solution against racism. Stay tuned for updated information!  Furthermore, Refuge welcomes the opportunity to partner with other like-minded teams in this critical fight against racism.